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Chair’s opening remarks

Jim Lewcock, founder, Blue14 



Google discuss data privacy, media measurement and smarter analytics driving performance

Fireside chat
  • Why marketers are moving away from a reliance on cookie based metrics and measurement
  • The move into more ‘modeled data’ in ad platforms to help make smarter decisions to drive performance
  • How the emergence of Cloud technology is enabling advanced analytics techniques to maximise insight
Will Wallace, head of tech, media and telco, Google Marketing Platform UK, Google

Omar Oakes, global technology editor, Campaign 



Should your brand keep performance marketing in-house or outsource to agencies for maximised impact and resource management?

Ignite session

Hear from a panel of industry experts as they discuss where each approach delivers the greatest impact, and which you should choose for your next campaign.
  • Hear from the agency-side on the insight, expertise and efficiency that they can bring to performance marketing activity
  • Brands discuss their impactful campaigns with an in-house performance marketing team, and share the strategies that have led to growth and cost-savings
  • Which combination of in-house and outsourcing is right for your brand’s performance strategy, analytics and management of its channels?

Patrick Williamson, head of media, MPB

Streisan Bevan, non-executive director, Away Resorts

Olivia Rego, global category lead, digital, GSK

Jim Lewcock, founder, Blue14



How to set up and integrate an automated campaign with your established performance marketing practices


  • Utilising tools that are able to automatically assess audience interaction data and optimise your campaign
  • Integrating the use of automated campaign-optimisation tools into your team’s existing functions
  • How can automated campaign management supplement and improve the capabilities of your team?


How Pizza Hut used creativity to drive growth through targeted and sequential messaging

Case Study

  • How Pizza Hut used distinctive creative to drive business results
  • How Pizza Hut effectively designed creatives and planned media around audiences to maximise the effectiveness
  • The successes and failures of a brand’s attempt to innovate in performance-based marketing – what are the main learnings for your next campaign?

Catriona Woodward, head of digital marketing, Pizza Hut


  10:40 Networking coffee break


  11:00 Hub Sessions

Using channels most effectively to engage with receptive audiences

  • Learn how to get the best interactions from each of the main channels
  • How to target your audience and reach them most effectively on the channels they use for greater responses to marketing activity
Rob Basinger, executive director, head of product and marketing, Goldman Sachs

Using local knowledge to expand into new markets effectively and create sustained growth

  • Ensuring that you use local knowledge to effectively establish your brand in a new market
  • Using expertise and research to best culturally translate your message to reach a new audience
  • Taking advantage of existing affiliate and publisher relationships for cost-effective growth in a new market

Senior representative, Croud


  11:35 Hub Sessions

Driving SEO with new markets for greater brand awareness

  • How can you effectively connect your brand to audiences with new geographic and demographic profiles through SEO?
  • Recognising the importance of SEO for brand awareness, beyond directly-attributable sales
  • Comparing the value of organic leads through SEO with PPC in a new market

Building and upskilling your team - learn how Secret escapes created a best-in-class performance marketing team

  • How much should your team have specialisms for greater agility and flexibility?
  • Investigate the impact of splitting your performance marketing team between other teams in marketing, sales and digital
  • Upskilling your experienced staff versus recruiting additional talent – which is right for your team?
Rumyana Miteva, head of performance marketing and revenue, Secret Escapes

  12:10 Networking Lunch


  13:10 Hub Sessions

How The Sun created a model which pinpointed a hyper-influential audience segment, to halve its cost per registration for Dream Team

  • How do you pinpoint your most influential customers?
  • How to ask the right questions to understand your audience’s drivers, and barriers to engaging
  • How to turn insight into a core set of principles to guide your strategy

Paul Hood, Digital Marketing Director – The Sun

Presentation: “Nah fam it’s deffo blue” – how innocent make things personal on social media

  • Finding the human in the machine: using personalisation to create genuine conversation with your audience
  • Being open to creating an audience-led conversation by listening to their responses on social media
  • Using performance marketing to tailor campaigns to consumers and incorporate brand identity

Anna Bateson, Marketing Director, Innocent Drinks
John Thornton, Head of Social Media, Innocent Drinks


  13:45 Hub Sessions

Learn how to build a fast growing DTC business through performance and brand marketing

Learning how Harry’s:

  • Created rapid growth through taking a holistic approach of co-joining brand and performance-based marketing
  • Utilised a small, in-house team to maximise impact on a small budget and create lasting growth
  • Facilitated a move from a direct-to-consumer model to the high-street

Chris Seigal, Senior Director, Direct to Consumer – Harry’s

Case study: What’s the purpose of purpose?

  • Has being clearer, stronger and more up front about brand values increased results from E.ON’s performance marketing?
  • Can performance channels be used to take a brand forward?
  • At the end of the day… do customers even really care?

Scott Somerville, Head of Advertising, PR & Campaigns – E.ON


  14:20 Networking coffee break



Presentation: Innovative incentives: using real-time personalisation to drive sales

  • Learn how new tools allow for real-time, individually incentivised offers, dependent on sales patterns
  • Hear from an innovative performance tech company who uses incentives to upsell and increase yield
  • How incentivised performance marketing can be integrated into your brand website to convert website traffic into sales


Panel: How can you adapt to the post-Coronavirus ecommerce landscape?



Effective internal stakeholder reporting to demonstrate the true value of your performance marketing activity


  • Setting realistic campaign objectives that are feasible to measure and report
  • Aligning and presenting reports to the objectives of key stakeholders to demonstrate the true value of your activity and increase budgets
  • Equipping collaborative teams with an understanding of performance marketing to improve effective cooperation and integration

Sam Taylor, Head of Group Commercial/ Performance Marketing – Direct Line Group
Lilia Dikova, Head of Digital – Bionic
Rhys Davies, Acting Head of Demand Generation, EE
Jae Hopkins, Marketing and Sales Director, Eurotunnel
Moderator: Jim Lewcock, Founder – Blue14



Closing Keynote: Brand and Performance Marketing – the imperfect marriage to drive business growth

  • How to get the balance right in an increasingly data driven automated marketing world
  • Is performance marketing most effective as a separate or integrated team?
  • Where should the focus of the discipline lie for your organisation?

Ben Carter, Global Director of Restaurants and Strategic Partnerships, JustEat


  16:00 Chair’s closing remarks



360 Lecture at The Grand Hotel with Media360, PR360 and Brand Experience 360:

  • The Future of British Media
    What I have learned after 30 years in the business
  • Why the siloed media company is dead, and how AI, free publishing and fake news will impact brands in 2020 and beyond
  • How to plan for the future, and underpin your brand purpose from a global perspective

Mike Soutar, CEO, ESI Media



Gala Dinner

A joint dinner with Media360, Brand Experience 360, PR360 and Influencer 360 at The Grand



After-dinner speaker



Afterparty and entertainment