Facing the prospect of a cookie-less world is daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Our expert lineup of industry speakers will explore your most pressing business challenges –  including the impending loss of third-party data and the problem with linear measurement – as well as give you the opportunity to network and ask questions along the way. If you’re looking to level-up your marketing strategy in 2022, you won’t want to miss this.




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Chair’s opening remarks



Pursuing programmatic: where does your online ad spend really go? What does the future hold?

  •  Recapping the 2020 ISBA / AOP / PwC study into programmatic supply chains
  • What’s happened since? How your ad spend can be optimised today
  • The future of digital marketing in a post-cookie world

Sam Tomlinson, Partner, PwC



Why the customer journey should be central to your performance marketing strategy

  • Learn how to build performance strategies that focus on meaningful results, better business outcomes and lifetime value
  • Discover how to maximise every touchpoint to engage with customers to create flow and drive conversions
  • Learn how we developed a dynamic targeting strategy with audiences at the heart for one of our largest clients

Robert Vocke, Director of Performance Marketing, The LEGO Group
Matt Scott, Head of Social, Reprise Digital

   10:50        Networking break



Coming around to a cookie-less world and why it might actually be beneficial for your business

  • Looking to a world without digital tracking, should you be focusing on your own dat to replace third-party cookies or reprioritise targeting through context and customer cohort behaviours?
  • The existential crisis of digital privacy: how you can still provide a personalised experience and garner customer support
  • The importance of measurement methods off the back of going cookie-less

Kanchan Lad, UK Marketing Manager (Digital), Papa Johns
Morgan Young, Head of Growth, Ocean Bottle
Natalie Dawson, Strategic Agency Sales Director, The Ozone Project

   11:20        Networking break



The privacy-by-design future of identity

  • Identifying the importance and role of a consistent user identifier within current performance marketing methods and top techniques to use today
  • Understanding the landscape and educating on solutions: the headwinds associated to tracking a user identity- inclusive of privacy regulations; the rise of walled gardens; and changes to consumer media consumption behaviour
  • Discover how you can successfully manage identity into the future, what the likely technology and people requirements will be, and where will the opportunities to succeed in performance marketing lie
Jos Pamboris, Director of Technical Consulting, Canton Marketing Solutions


Performance shouldn’t sit in a silo – successfully incorporating performance into your long-term marketing strategy

Double Fireside Chat

  • Why you need to view performance marketing as a comprehensive venture and not just a driver for last-click sales
  • Are silos at risk of promoting self-interest? Why stepping back to look at the big picture is critical when creating a unified vision for building your brand 
  • Driving business impact and value should come from both directions: how to create a strategy in which performance and brand awareness go hand in hand

Joe Dix, Global Head of Digital, WWF
Danny Blackburn, Chief Strategy Officer, Reprise Digital


    12:45      Networking Lunch



Rethinking measurement and methodology – how attribution is harming your brand


  • Why you should be re-evaluating your method and model of measurement to combine performance with traditional channels and truly determine the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • First steps towards shaping a more holistic measurement convention across all consumer touchpoints
  • Embrace industry change and be truly centred on growth: how to break free from the shackles of the duopolies methodologies for attribution and let your model evolve over time

Matthew Birkby, Media Director and Consultant



Incrementality – the new measurement method you need to know to future proof your business

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of programmatic and ensuring the right people are seeing your ads
  • How clinical trial models can apply to your marketing techniques and push you to a more positive audience-centric approach 
  • Managing new testing methods – the benefit in giving yourself the flexibility to get things wrong


Martech and operations: improving efficiency to stay ahead of the curve

  • Digital marketing is one of the fastest moving industries – how you can build both a team and a strategy that will excel in an unknown future
  • Addressing the need to be nimble: how you can embrace the use of modular technology and gain competitive advantages no matter the size of your brand 
  • Reassessing your relationship with agencies – understanding which skills can benefit from being in-house and when to rely on agency expertise

Sam Kumar, Founder, Simple Honest



Visuals attract, verbals engage: using brand voice to win engagement and maximise your investment in performance marketing

  • Examining the unique – and overlooked – power of language to engage and learn simple tips you can share with all your writers
  • Understand the simple framework used by businesses of all sizes around the world to engage their audiences
  • Leave with a clear rationale for experimenting to optimise your spend in performance marketing

Chris West, CEO, Verbal Identity



Marrying short-term ROI with long-term brand building to grow your profitability

  • Utilising e-commerce when your brand is best sold on the supermarket shelf instead
  • Why a focus on quality creative content is crucial to building your brand story 
  • People pay attention to your brand as well as your product: how to capitalise on the consumer desire to buy into something bigger than they are

Louisa Ziane, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Toast Ale

       15:35       Networking break



The move to meaningful – are performance marketing methods at odds with being a purpose-led brand?

Panel discussion

    • Brands with purpose are brands that will prosper: knowing your ‘why’ as an imperative for long-term success
    • Representation in marketing and why you need to think about context alongside your content
    • Embracing the new performance marketing world: how you can adapt your approach to match your sustainability goals with your marketing strategy

Streisan BevanSpecialist Director, Mayfair Equity Partners & Non Executive Director
Matt Dailey, Chief Performance Officer, Havas Media Group
Tom Byrne,
CEO, Rocketmill



Chair’s closing remarks


     16:35        End of conference