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Matthew McNeill Love

SpecialityCo-founder, Thursday
Co-founder, Thursday

Matt co-founded Thursday (Honeypot Dating Ltd) in September 2018 a few weeks before deploying on a tour to Afghanistan. His company closed a pre-seed round of funding in November 2018 and it is now regularly used as an example to other aspiring companies as to how to crowdfund effectively. It released its first product, Honeypot, a dating app to Londoners in the summer of 2019. Through viral PR stunts and guerrilla marketing, the company achieved over 4 million impressions on a marketing budget of less than £500 resulting in over 20, 000 downloads. 

In April 2020 the company closed an additional top-up round of funding and is soon to release ‘Thursday’ once social-restrictions are lifted in the New Year in both London and New York.

Thursday closed a $3.5m Seed Round in June 2021 through Connect Ventures, Best Nights VC, Ascention Ventures and notable angels including Tom Blomfield (founder of Monzo), Matt Robinson (founder of Go Cardless), Ian Hogarth (founder of Song Kick) and Henry de Zoete (founder of Look After My Bills) etc. They’re now actively exploring a Series A round for its US expansion. 

The app has achieved over 600k downloads, employs a team of 20 and is the first dating app to scale into offline experiences – the ultimate focus of the company.

Prior to this Matt had served for 6 years as a Welsh Guards Officer deploying to Afghanistan, Kenya, Malaysia and New Zealand. He left the Army as a Captain in June 2021. Matthew holds a degree in Business and Marketing and a diploma in Leadership and Management.