Why Partner

Bringing together senior brand marketers, agency leaders and performance marketing specialists, Performance Marketing 360 is the perfect place to get your brand noticed and generate potential leads.
Fully integrated partnership opportunities are available to help you achieve your specific brand objectives. From presenting your own keynote session on the main stage to participating in a lively panel debate, to hosting a bespoke VIP thought-leaders lunch on a topic of your choice, there are lots of ways to get involved

Demonstrate your expertise

86% of clients don’t see a difference between suppliers, so it’s tougher than ever to make an impact. Stand out by delivering inspirational thought leadership, showcasing your knowledge and solutions to key decision makers in brands and agencies.

Grow your brand recognition

With an average of 6.8 people involved in every B2B buying decision and B2B buyers needing to be twice as emotionally connected to your brand than B2C buyers, branding with authority has never been so important. As a partner with Campaign, you can raise your organisation’s profile with brand amplification opportunities both before, during and after the event.

Make valuable business connections

Performance Marketing 360 in 2020 expands to two days, so there's double the time to generate new clients and strengthen existing relationships. Plus with the audiences of Media360, PR360, Performance Marketing 360 and Brand Experience 360 all coming together for a shared plenary session, a seated gala dinner and entertainment, there are even more new connections to make and time to make them beyond the conference hall.

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